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At Brown Bake, we turn the joy of eating, whether by yourself or with a group of friends into a new art form. The harmonious, luxurious decor and attentive staff of Brown Bake together with Snacks, Cookies, Coffee, Mocktail , Fast Food, and variety of special snacks is what makes it unique.

In India, where religious belief dictate the diet of millions, vegetarian cooking, of necessity, has evolved into a cuisine of inspiring inventiveness.

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We cater to all your special occasions & events. Flavorful and designer cakes to make your day sweeter.


Freshly baked and made with quality ingredients, we’ve rounded up the tastiest and best flavors in our wide range of cookies.


Breads & buns. White & brown. Pizza Base & multigrain. You name it, we have it. From quick breakfasts or healthy lunches you pack for your kids, to wholesome meals or light midnight snacks, there is something for every hour of your day.

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